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Special services

Stripping and Sealing: This service will completely remove all dirt, wax and other foreign substances in returning the floor to its original surface. A thin coat of sealer with caution to prevent streaking or bleaching of floor surface.  This application in preparation for waxing must be according to manufacturer’s recommendations.  The stripper, sealer and wax products used must be compatible for this activity, and wax must be a minimum of 25% solids.

Waxing and Buffing:  This service will apply wax in a thin, even coat and machine buff with a high-speed buffer immediately after drying.  The number of coats applied will depend on the type and condition of the floor.  All waxed surfaces must be maintained so as to provide safe ANTI-SLIP walking conditions.  Chairs, wastebaskets and other similar items must not be stacked on desks, tables or windowsills, nor used in place of stepladder.  All furniture readily movable by one person and intended to be moved frequently must be moved during all floor cleaning operations and replaced in original positions upon completion.  Baseboards, walls, furniture and equipment must in no way be splashed, disfigured or damaged during these operations, but rather left in a clean condition.