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Janitorial services

A few of our floor services

Dust Mop: Used for all non-carpeted areas. Dust mop is applied to all hard surface floors under all easily movable objects (chairs, waste receptacles, tables on wheels, typing stands, boxes, etc.).  Dust mops may be treated with water-based dust control chemical.

Damp Mop: Damp mops are used for all non-carpeted areas.  Damp mop is utilized under all easily movable objects (chairs, waste receptacles, tables on wheels, typing stands, boxes, etc.). We will ensure all items will be replaced after floor has dried completely.  A clean cotton mop head that is in good condition will be utilized. Clean water will be used at all times (change water often). Approved proper chemicals at proper dilution must be used at all times.  Finished floor will be clean and streak free.

Floor Cleaning Thorough Sweeping: This service ensures all floors shall be clean and free of trash and foreign matter.  No dirt, dust shall be left in corners, behind radiators, under furniture or behind doors.

Damp Mopping and Spray Buffing:   The finished area will have a uniform luster.  There will be no buildup of finish in corners. Dust mopping must be performed with a treated mop.  After sweeping and damp mopping operation, all floors will result in clean and free from strings, bristles and dirt streaks.  No dirt will be left in corners, behind radiators, under furniture, behind doors, on stairs or landings

Wet Mopping and Scrubbing: The floors must be properly prepared, thoroughly swept to remove visible dirt and debris, wads of gum, tar and foreign substances from the floor surfaces.  Upon completion of the wet mopping or scrubbing, the floor must be clean and free of dirt, water streaks, mop marks, strings; properly rinsed and dry mopped to present an overall appearance of cleanliness.  All surfaces must be dry and corners and cracks clean after the wet mopping or scrubbing.  Chairs, wastebaskets and other similar items must not be stacked on desks, tables or windowsills, nor used in place of stepladder.  All furniture readily movable by one person and intended to be moved frequently must be moved during all floor cleaning operations and replaced in original positions upon completion.

Wet Mopping and Buffing: Floors must be damp mopped and buffed between regular waxing operations.  Prepare the floor by sweeping to remove all visible dirt and debris. The floor area will then be damp mopped and machine buffed to a polished appearance with a high-speed buffer.

Damp Wiping: This task consists of using a clean damp cloth or sponge to remove all dirt spots, streaks, from walls, glass and other specified surfaces and then drying to provide a polished appearance. The wetting solution will contain an appropriate cleaning agent. When damp wiping in toilet areas a multi-purpose disinfectant and deodorizer.

Carpet and Rug Cleaning: This service ensures that all carpets/rugs shall be clean, free of spots, gum, crusted material, spillages, and removable stains.  There shall be no evidence of “fuzzing” caused by harsh rubbing or brushing of carpet.  Previous physical damage is in no way a responsibility of TAJ Contract Cleaning. Carpet cleaning by hot water extraction at a temperature that will kill and eliminate bacteria may be an extra service to be applied. 

Carpet Spot Cleaning: Buildup, spillage or crusted material shall have been removed along with spots, smears and stains. Spot cleaned areas shall blend with adjacent areas. 

Carpet Cleaning by Thorough Vacuuming: This service ensures carpets shall be clean and free from dust balls, dirt and other debris; fiber on carpet shall lie in one direction upon completion of the vacuuming task.  Note:  Prior to vacuuming area it may be necessary to move and vacuum under all easily movable objects (chairs, waste receptacles, tables on wheels, typing stands, boxes, etc.). TAJ Contract Cleaning shall replace all items moved.  After vacuuming we will leave all rugs clean, free from dust balls, dirt and other debris.  Prior to vacuuming it may be necessary to broom all edges not reached by vacuum.  Straight suction vacuuming may be performed.  TAJ Contract Cleaning utilizes a motor driven Commercial grade vacuum with HEPA filtered exhaust or equipment that meet these standards an is used exclusively in all carpeted areas where water and/or snow does not present a problem. As  part of the vacuuming process, carpet spot cleaning is required on an ongoing basis and extraction may be necessary to mitigate stains or other issues not remedied by vacuuming.