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Covid 19 Response

During these unprecedented times there are many changes that we are all facing and as a commercial cleaning service provider it is important for us to let you know that TAJ Contract Cleaning follows all State Department of Health and CDC recommendations. By following a proper cleaning schedule will ensure that your facility will be free of germs, viruses, bacteria and other contaminants. TAJ Contract Cleaning is committed to their employees and committed to our clients and the guests that enter your facility.

Our employees are following our Safe and Secure working policy which means that they have been well trained regarding Blood Borne Pathogens, Infectious Disease Control, Cross Contamination Practices and Proper Disinfection and Sanitizing Procedures. All of our employees have been instructed on proper social distancing requirements while on duty and are required to wear proper PPE while on duty.

The Chief Operating Officer is responsible for all reporting, contact tracing and documentation. Prior to the start of every shift all employees are required to answer standard COVID screen questions as recommended by The DOH. All employees are encouraged to stay home if they notice any change in their health or if they exhibit any symptoms similar to COVID 19. We understand that there should not be any service interruption for your facility and this is why have accounted for interim cross trained staff that will step in to continue service in the event there is an employee unable to report for duty.

Our Employee Compliance Officer monitors all employee interactions and as new requirements emerge ensures that TAJ Contract Cleaning maintains compliance. TAJ Contract Cleaning has partnered with State Offices such as the Rhode Island Department of Commerce and The Office of Diversity, Equity and Opportunity to maintain our COVID 19 business plan and we constantly update and improve our COVID 19 plan as new data emerges. As an essential service TAJ Contract Cleaning has implemented several measures to ensure that our employees stay healthy but most importantly to ensure occupants and visitors of your facility are confident that your facility has been properly cleaned and most importantly disinfected and sanitized per recommendations of CDC, State and Federal requirements.